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HOMEWISE has been providing professional mold screening and testing as well as indoor air quality testing for concerned home owners, tenants, apartment building owners, and public buildings since 2004. Now HOMEWISE has partnered with EMSL. EMSL is one of the largest, most professional, full service contaminant testing labs in America. Together we deliver reliable quick turn analysis of suspected mold contamination whether hard surface growth or airborne spores in as little as 24 hours.

Simply identifying the existence of mold in your home is not a solution to the problem. Many times professional remediation (removal) of mold and the correction of moisture sources in your home is required. Mold will attack and grow on anything with a cellulose base therefore, carpeting and padding, window trim, drywall, paper backed insulation, cardboard boxes, basement furniture, clothing, paneling, ceiling tiles, etc may become a medium for mold growth. Cleaning and repair of mold damaged structure and fixtures as well as stored items in your home can be a daunting task and is best left to professionalsHomewise works hand in hand with your remediation contractor to assure that proper remediation protocols are implemented. A CERTIFIED third party clearance test by Mold Pros after remediation has been completed will assure that the problem has been properly dealt with.

Testing and analysis is handled by Mold Pros and its partner EMSL Labratory. Home owners experiencing mold related health problems can be assured that prompt professional attention will be given to their particular situation. Many times the entire process can be completed with the co-operation of a home owner’s insurance company, providing the owner with quick response, no nonsense diagnosis and remediation at minimal cost.

Does this sound like you?

  • Itchy watery eyes?
  • Runny nose?
  • Headache?
  • Respiratory distress?
  • Lost your sense of smell?
  • Dizzy?
  • Nauseated?
  • Feel like you have the flu?

If you experience any of these symptoms and they won’t go away or keep coming back, you may be experiencing an allergic reaction to mold in your home! Mold is a well documented health hazard and the list of symptoms seems to get longer every year.


Mold spores float everywhere in the outside air. With normal coming and going through the doors of your home, or through that open window left cracked for some "fresh air”, they become introduced into the home. The problem begins when abnormally high moisture levels are introduced (hot tub, green house window, humidifier, unvented propane heater etc.) into a tightly sealed home. Mold spores can begin to multiply on cellulose based surfaces. If left unchecked, the spore colony can rapidly grow to staggering size. The potential for illness exists the moment the mold begins to grow and mold can begin to grow in as little as 24 hours! Not everyone, of course, is allergic to all molds. In fact, some people are not bothered by molds at all. Still others may be fine for years and then suddenly develop sensitivity. People with depressed immune systems or people who are already compromised by another illness may find themselves very intolerant of even the slightest amount of some varieties of mold in the home.



That is where HOMEWISE Mold-Pros come in. We are here to locate, analyze and support removal of mold growing in your home, AND also assure control of the moisture source that allowed the mold growth.

Testing and analysis begin with a call to HOMEWISE Mold-Pros at: 616-262-8721.

A HOMEWISE CMI will perform a brief phone interview with you to determine the nature and scope of your problem and design a first step course of action specifically tailored to your case. All evaluation and testing plans must be understood and approved by you prior to any remediation taking place.



The problem is, mold comes in many, many varieties and is found naturally nearly everywhere. It is sometimes difficult to know if you have a mold problem in your home or not. Many times the mold in a home is not readily visible. Mold may be hiding in carpets or insulation or between the walls or in the attic or crawl space 

As CMI’s (Certified Mold Inspectors), Mold Pros inspectors are specifically trained for identification of "mold hot spots” found in a home. Many times the home owner has lived in the home for years with no ill effects. Suddenly they find them selves feeling sick and don’t know why. A brief walk through of the home by a Certified Mold Pros inspector can often pin point "hot spots” or suspicious areas of the home that should be tested.

Mold Pros Certified Mold Inspectors use a variety of tools to accomplish testing and all testing procedures adhere tightly to accepted testing and chain of custody protocols as established by the EPA and other professional Mold organizations. Your home may be visually inspected, it may be swabbed at specific points, air samples may be pulled from the attic or between the walls. Carpets and drapes may be specially tested, and/or an air quality test may be performed to determine if elevated levels of mold spores exist in the home.

In years gone by it was relatively rare for homes to experience abnormal mold growth. Different construction methods were in use then and homes were not as thermally efficient as they are today. With the advent of specialized insulation, weather tight windows, vapor barriers, highly efficient weather stripping and gap seals, builders have slowly but surely reduced the amount of ambient air allowed to enter our homes and make them drafty or cold. In short, homes don’t breathe like they used to. This "breathing” allowed moisture to escape the home. (Mold cannot live without moisture. Remove the moisture and the mold will not grow back!)

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